Monday, July 7, 2008

Alien or Punisher?

So this guy in Denver held a press conference recently to show his alleged definitive proof that aliens are visiting us.

Shockingly, the footage is the same stupid blurry crap that always passes as definitive proof. When I saw a photo of it, I immediately thought it was a guy wearing a Punisher shirt standing outside the window.

Here's the folks from one of my favorite podcasts, The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, discussing the event.

The older I get, the more I understand (even in a limited way) about physics and the unimaginably large size of the universe, the more I understand that all this alien visitation garbage is just completely stupid garbage. Sure, there very well may be life out there. But they certainly aren't visiting us. If they were, we'd all know it. I grew up believing in Bigfoot and Chariots of the Gods and all that crap. But the older I get, the stupider and more juvenile and desperate it all seems. I'd love to believe. But give me some real evidence first.

And get me my jetpack while you're at it.

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