Wednesday, March 9, 2011

World Robot Domination: Episode 16 - Meet the Parents

What’s the worst that could happen?
I mean, hey, I wasn’t the first guy to fall for a robot. Was I?
She was tall, sleek, and silver, with shiny red eyes and a body that could stop a train. Literally. I saw it happen.
And when she squeezed me, well, let’s just say I saw stars, baby.
So I figured, you know, it’s Easter, time for the family to come together. I’d bring her home. Introduce her to everybody.
She rolled into the living room.
“Mom, I’d like you to meet X1-V27.”
“Greetings, humanoid,” X1-V27 purred.
My mom just stood there.
“I will not have one of those thing in my house,” my mom said.
“Come on, Mom,” I said. “I love her. You will, too.”
“Never. It’s not welcome here.”
“But I’m going to marry her.”
“Over my dead body,” Mom said.
“As you wish,” said X1-V27.
The funeral’s tomorrow. The wedding’s the day after.


ganymeder said...

HA! That's one way to get around disagreeable parents, I guess! :D

Thanks for this. It made me laugh!

Tim King said...

Those damn robots. Just like computers. Do what I mean, not what I say! Who ever tried to teach them English anyhow?

Someone forgot Asimov when they made that one, eh?


mazzz in Leeds said...

haha! Thanks for the chuckle :-)

AidanF said...

Liked how she takes commands literally, “As you wish,” said X1-V27. Guess there is no joking around her.