Sunday, April 20, 2008

Retro Fashion

Back in the late seventies, I was a regular subscriber to Starlog, the only magazine that kept me up to date with Star Trek, Star Wars and the other science fiction-y things that so enthralled me. After Battlestar Galactica arrived on the scene, this ad began appearing in the magazine. Cleverly called the Warrior's Battle Jacket, note how it never actually mentions the TV show. But it does let you know how great you'll look in the disco!

I wanted one. Man, did I want one. But they cost a bundle (in 1979 dollars). And since they only ever had this little illustration, never any actual photos of the jacket, I never knew what it would really look like. Would it have that suede look of the ones in the actual series? There was just no way to know.

Until now.

Yes, thanks to the mighty power of the internet, I've managed to find a photo of one of those jackets. So someone out there actually was able to convince his (and, yes, I definitely mean "his" since there's no way any woman would be seen dead in one of these) parents to fork out the dough. And he kept it through the years and eventually posted a photo on the blessed internet.

So here it is, courtesy of

So it looks a little thin, but I would have worn it to my local disco (if we'd had a disco in our small Iowa farm town).

And here's a more contemporary recreation of the jacket available for purchase.

Looks a little more authentic, I guess. Still would look great at the disco. You can buy one for me, if you'd like. Size large.

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