Friday, October 15, 2010

Man From Atlantis - the Music

It's no secret that getting a release of Fred Karlin's music from forgotten 70's TV series Man From Atlantis is my original holy grail.

While it's wonderful that, thanks to the power of the internets, I can regularly listen to the section of music that I've been humming in my head since 1977, it's still not the same as having a proper CD release of it, in clear sound and without dialogue and sound effects. But here it is.

I don't know why this wistful, harpsichord-y tune cemented itself in my memory bank, but it did. I still retain such strong affection for the show and wouldn't mind seeing the series released on DVD, since I haven't seen it since its original run.

But it's the music that really haunts me.

Here's the main title sequence.

And here's a cover version of the theme that's suitably trippy.

I also love Austin Wintory's cover version, available as a single download.Theme from Man From Atlantis

And now here's a rockin' version of that wistful theme, accompanying Patrick Duffy's race with the dolphin.

The closest I've gotten to a CD release of this music is Fred Karlin's Futureworld, which is similar in tone.

And so concludes this random post of nostalgia.


Unknown said...

I extracted the music on my blog but yes, it contains sfx and some dialog. but until we get a proper release...


Gridman said...

Was doing a podcast on Man From Atlantis a couple weeks ago and was overjoyed to find the cover version available in iTunes.

Not a match for the series main theme, but still just as haunting a memorable as the original. (Perhaps a bit more haunting)

When I sat down to watch Man From Atlantis after 33 years, all that a really remembered - and how vivid it was in my mind - was the Fred Karlin theme.