Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lara!

One of the things I've discovered through social media is my twinsie, Lara Zielin. We share the same birthday. We are both writers (she has published two wonderful novels with more on the way). We both love donuts. And there is more, but, really, need there be any more?

This year our birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day. And for a gift, I wrote this song. I hope you enjoy it, Lara. Happy birthday!

ADDED 11/28

Here are the lyrics, in case you can't make them out.

I know this is your birthday
Cause it's my birthday, too
And so in celebration
I wrote this song for you

It's more than just our birthdays
We're twins in many ways
If we controlled the calendar
There'd be more Donut Days

If we controlled the airwaves
Sharktopus would always CHOMp
And there'd be a feature film
Of Aggie's implosion at the prom

Today's also Thanksgiving
There'll be turkey and cherry pie
And now I send this wish for you
Out to The Waiting Sky

Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

Lara Zielin said...

Oh, Neil, this is the best song EVER. Thank you so much, and happy happy birthday to us!!