Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love Theme from This Week in Science

One of the first podcasts I discovered, many years ago now, was This Week in Science. Originating from UC Davis, the radio show/podcast features Dr. Kiki and Justin Jackson delivering science news and opinion in a fun, freewheeling, conversational style. I always enjoyed listening to it and hearing the latest news of World Robot Domination and mind-controlling toxoplasma gondii and Justin's weekly Disclaimers and their signature sign off - "Remember, if you learned anything from today's show, it's all in your head."

For a couple of years, TWiS put together CDs of original science-themed music to act as a fund raiser. The last one they did featured the World Robot Domination song I wrote (and my brother performed and produced). The year before that, I contributed another song, again one I wrote and my brother produced and performed. It was intended to be a Theme Song for This Week in Science and the hosts began playing it at the close of every episode, which made me very proud.

It was inspired by Dr. Kiki's mention on the show that they didn't have an original theme song. So I decided to write one. The lyrics and tune came to me pretty quickly. I sketched it out then sang it, a cappella, to my brother, who ran with it and made it one hundred percent more awesome.

I still REALLY like the song. I think it's fun to listen to and features lyrics that will mostly reward other long time TWiS listeners.

Here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

Here's my own personal disclaimer. As I wrote it, I heard Danny Elfman singing it in my head and the mighty horns and percussion and guitars of Oingo Boingo performing it.


Unknown said...

Hey I'm the guy who wrote the "other" Twis theme song. I admire yours and I imagine they use mine at the start of the show because I lacked the creativity to make it longer than 30 seconds. I guess it's lucky most theme songs are around 30 seconds! I also wrote "Perpetual Motion Machine" which was one of the tracks on the subsequent twis CD. Science music rules!

Anonymous said...

Love your song! That is all, just thanks.

Anonymous said...

I also love this song. Could someone share the lyrics too. Thank you!