Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who is Still the Doctor

Following on from this post, I've been thinking more about my early experiences with Doctor Who.

Although Pertwee was my first and (sentimental) favorite Doctor, you can't really think about Doctor Who without bringing up Mr. Scarf.

During high school, these were the episodes running on public tv, and I made sure to watch them regularly. I adored the actual scarf and at one point convinced a college girlfriend to teach me how to knit so I could whip one up for myself. Unsurprisingly, it stayed in a canvas bag in a partially knitted state (probably 1/15th of the total length actually got knitted) for twenty years before I finally admitted to myself that I'd never finish it.

While still in high school, I received a nice present from my parents one year, as my mother had knitted three regular scarves together to form one long scarf. The thought was great and I wore it quite a bit, but the three scarves were each just a single color (a red one, a grey one and a brown one, if I remember right) and though the length was perfect, the effect just wasn't the same.

So flash forward a couple dozen years and the miracle of the internet gets me to accidentally come across a woman selling custom scarves on ebay. Well, what could I do? I got one. What joy! Too bad I now live in a climate where we don't really get a lot of weather that justifies a scarf. Although that never stopped the Doctor...

Once I had the scarf, I started thinking about Doctor Who again, something I'd really not put much thought in for many years. This all happened to coincide with the return of Doctor Who to the BBC, so the universe sent me a sign, I guess, that it was the right time to return to Who viewing.

And so I have.

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