Monday, March 24, 2008

Buck Rogers

A couple days ago, Charlotte blogged about some cheesy movies she liked and included Buck Rogers on the list.

Ah, Buck Rogers, a favorite target of the science club nerd wrath of my friend Taryl Jasper and I. I once gave him a paperback copy of a Buck Rogers novel and he responded by flinging it across the room.

Space was never so spandex-y as in Buck Rogers and it got worse in its second season by becoming just tedious instead of disco space fun.

So on the heels of the announcement from Intrada that they're releasing the soundtrack on cd, I thought I'd look it up on Amazon since I know they released the series on dvd a while back. Imagine my shock when I saw the price.

Holy freakin' space balls! That's five dvds, two complete seasons of seventies cheeseball tv glory for fifteen bucks. How can I not order it...?

Or, as Twiki might say, "Biddy biddy biddy Buy it Now, Buck!"

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