Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kung Fu Chipmunk vs Tom's Natural Toothpaste

I use Tom's Natural Toothpastefor all my toothbrushing needs. It's pretty expensive at my regular grocery store. So when I saw it for a bargain price at Target, I bought two tubes. Unfortunately, those two tubes turned out to be Tom's Gel rather than their regular toothpaste. When I tried the Gel for the first time, I immediately tasted my mistake. Nasty is hardly the word for the bitter, evil taste embedded in this stuff. Their regular toothpaste is refreshingly lovely, but this gel was just plain evil.

I mentioned this incident to Bob and, when I told him I'd tossed the open tube of gel in the trash, he immediately suggested that maybe it would be better if I brought the tube to the shop. Seems he had an idea of what he'd like to do with a tube of toothpaste. I figured that his idea might be entertaining to watch and suggested we stage a battle between the thing Bob called his Kung Fu Chipmunk and my tube of toothpaste.


Jennifer said...

The truck was too close to the business end of the tube. I wish we could have seen the chipmunk get covered in gel.

Unknown said...

I made the same mistake of buying the gel and had the same reaction -- YUK! Andi likes it tho so now she uses the gel and I use the paste. Go figure.