Thursday, March 11, 2010

CHiPs Haiku

Ponch puts on his shades
He pops the clutch and he thinks
Thank god I'm not Jon.

On morning patrol
Motorcycles taste asphalt
Tonight, the disco

Jon and that fat guy
you know, the comic relief
still wish they were Ponch

And one more, based on the true story of me seeing Ponch in real life with his young son outside of a 7/11. I used artistic license to change the setting. Because 7/11 has too many syllables.

He wore a fringed vest

CHiPs star Erik Estrada
at the gas station

I know. The beauty of these poems brought you to tears. I know. I understand.

And now, more:

Glint on sunglasses / His gloved hands grip the throttle / Ponch back in action

Ponch and Jon compete / at love and motorcycles / and disco contests 

Jon watches pavement / blurred beneath his spinning wheels / while Ponch pulls ahead

If you are sick of / reading all my CHiPs haiku / you're a Jon not Ponch

Poor Grossman and Sarge / The disco babes ignore them / We can't all be Ponch

The damn kids today / wouldn't know Ponch from Fonzie / these aren't happy days

Into the sunset/ shadows stretch from spinning wheels / Ponch & Jon ride home

For Roy and Johnny / Days do not end with dancing / Unlike Ponch and Jon

Update, January 27, 2011. Here are a couple more.

Climbing the onramp / Traffic on the Four Oh Five / Ponch back in action

Old lady speeding / Menace to society / Ponch will flag her down


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Jared Branch said...

This brings back childhood memories. CHIPs was the first "adult" show I tried to watch. When I was that young I didn't realize that such a thing as a bad show existed, so I struggled to watch and decided I just wasn't old or mature enough. For CHIPs.