Thursday, July 29, 2010


Looking up at the blank disc, she thought, “Orange?”

Hovering, just like those books said, somewhere just above the treetops.

She always thought they’d be silver. Not orange.

She fumbled through her purse, then cursed her luck for leaving her camera at home. Now she’d be seen as just another rube, some glory-hungry moron making up stories about flying saucers.

The media would crucify her. The skeptics would scoff. She’d be sent for an evaluation and then a quiet demotion and then unanticipated “budget cuts” would send her packing.


The disc descended, touched the ground, now only a dozen yards away.

She watched, silent, as a door, for lack of a better word, appeared and opened on the surface of the disc.

Will you look at that. A live, gray alien just like all the books described. So angelic, delicate, curious. Friendly. Her heart pounded.

She was witness to a visitor from another planet. She raised her arm, pointed at the alien.


The alien fell backwards, shuddered, then grew still as a pool of orange blood formed around it.

Good thing she’d remembered to pack her pistol.


alphabete said...


Is this a story about Sarah Palin? I mean I just get the feeling it's Sarah Palin you're writing about there.

Sarah. Palin.

"Well I done bagged me an ALIEN!"

Seriously though I love this. How did you dash off such an awesome story so fast? It took me like 3 hours to come up with my poopy tale!

Jonathan Martin said...

Genius, i like it. I also love how orange opens and pretty much closes the tale. Wraps it up on both ends quite nicely.

So would humans have red flying suacers?

Marisa Birns said...

And she didn't even bother to wait until the alien asked to be taken to her leader.

Great tale!

Mk said...

Hahahahaha. These first contact tales of yours are amazing.

J. A. Platt said...

It can't be Sarah Palin, she didn't shoot it from a helicopter. ;)

Awesome that she describes the alien as angelic and curious and then shoots it. Makes me wonder what happens when she sees puppies.

Melissa L. Webb said...

Brillant story. It captures the current mentality of humanity as it stands so perfectly. :)

Donald Conrad said...

Yuh, that's us humans. Always wantin' to shoot something: camera, gun, bull.

Fun tale and thanks for posting.

Kate said...

I love that you surprised me. Nothing I read surprises me anymore. Refreshing.