Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Toys I Never Had - Volume 2

It was the heavyweight battle of the century. Red vs Blue. Winner to be determined by knocking the other's block off.

Yes, it's Rock Em Sock Em Robots.

They were so cool. My friend Ronnie Dickey had 'em, but we seldom played with them. I recall him knocking my block off several times, but I never really had much of a chance to practice so I never got good at it. We ended up just playing with GI Joe, Johnny West and friends.

They always remained in my memory as a really cool thing, but I suspect they stayed cool in my mind mostly because I never actually had them. They never got a chance to become just another toy I never played with.

But what brilliantly iconic robot design! These are truly the robots that will crush kill and destroy us on that inevitable day that they turn on their masters.

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