Thursday, April 14, 2011

Land That Time Forgot

I've accepted the Blogging A to Z Challenge. All month, I'm going to blog about Books from A to Z.

The Land That Time ForgotI saw ads. I saw the book in a store. I wasn't sure exactly what it was about, so when I went back to buy the book and couldn't find it, I told the proprietor of the tiny paperback store in Le Mars, Iowa, that I thought it was the story of a family who rode in a submarine to an island where dinosaurs lived.


Somehow, I found the book and read it. And I saw the movie. Oh yeah. The Land That Time Forgot. The pinnacle of low budget pre-Star Wars cinema entertainment.

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to reread the book, so I did, and also discovered that there were two sequels written: The People That Time Forgot and Out of Time's Abyss. So I read those, too.

There's still something about this movie, about this book, about this story, that speaks to me, that lives inside me. A man who ends up on a U-Boat, landing on an unknown island, meeting a woman, fighting dinosaurs AND Nazis - it's the perfect adventure.

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