Thursday, April 21, 2011

Robert Wilson's Vision

I've accepted the Blogging A to Z Challenge. All month, I'm going to blog about Books from A to Z.

Robert Wilson's VisionWhen I lived in Houston, I got to attend an art installation called Robert Wilson's Vision.


First, it changed my idea of what an art exhibit could be. This was a carefully laid out presentation of Wilson's work, both drawings and set pieces, along with ambient sounds and creative lighting and, in all, an experience unto itself. Walking through this exhibit was liking watching some sort of suspended-in-time theatrical production.

Of course it also changed my idea of how to do theatre. Coupled with seeing two of his productions on stage, Robert Wilson's Vision conveyed to me a radical new (for me at least) approach to theatre. Wilson is all about creating stage pictures, using highly stylized movement and set design and lighting and music to create utterly riveting and creative theatre.

I still like to go back to this book, a catalog of the exhibit, to marvel at his drawings, at how some rough black marks shadowing light and dark can become a living, breathing stage picture. I think I'm going to go listen to the cd that came with the book, containing the ambient sound (I hesitate to call it music) for the exhibit.

Meanwhile, I need to see this movie.

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